Case Study

Case Study-1 : Pre-cancerous condition (Bowen’s disease)

  • Age: 50 years
  • Sex : Female
  • Symptoms:
    • Presence of multiple skin lesions with ulceration in  different part of the body.
    • Melanosis
    • Hyperkeratosis
  • Diagnosis: Bowen’s Disease of the skin due to arsenic poisoning
  • Treatment: Removal of skin lesions and Chemotherapy
  • Treatment Place: Specialized hospital, Dhaka
  • Present Condition:  She received chemotherapy and her condition improved
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Case Study-2 : Skin Cancer (Squamous cell carcinoma)

  • Age: 40 years
  • Sex : Female
  • Symptoms:
    • Chronic non-healing ulcer on left forearm for two years with pain
    • Melanosis for 15 years
    • Hyperkeratosis
  • Diagnosis: Squamous cell carcinoma
  • Treatment: Operation followed by chemotherapy
  • Treatment Place: Jashore and Dhaka
  • Result: After receiving chemotherapy her condition improved especially hyperkeratinization of both palm and sole are almost disappeared. Now she is under follow-up
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Case Study-3 : Respiratory Complications

  • Age: 30 years
  • Sex : Female
  • Symptoms:
    • Severe respiratory distress and chest pain.
    • Chronic Cough
    • Melanosis
    • Hyperkeratosis

  – She has a history of abortion for three times. Now she has no issue.

  • Diagnosis: Arsenicosis with chronic bronchial asthma
  • Treatment: Symptomatic
  • Treatment Place: Upazila Health Complex and Dhaka
  • Present condition: She uses nebulizer regularly to relieve her symptom. AAN provide the medicine support to her.
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Case Study-4 : Malignancy

  • Age: 55 years
  • Sex : Male
  • Symptoms:
    • Presence of a  hard mass in the epigastric region.
    • Chronic non-healing ulcer on right foot with  non-pitting edema
    • Lung congestion
    • Severe low back pain
    • Melanosis
    • Hyperkeratosis
  • Diagnosis: Malignancy
  • Treatment: Operative and Symptomatic
  • Treatment Place: Jessore and Dhaka
  • Result: Patient died on June 21, 2008
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